Cru - Raw
New York Premiere

Cru - Raw

2020 Official Selection: Shorts
Short | Switzerland | 10 MINUTES | French | English subtitles
Women, Drama, Thriller, Food

A young chef (Jeanne Werner) must learn that in this kitchen, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into making every dish.

Playing in: Without Borders

Cast & Credits
Directed by
David Oesch

David Oesch was born 1992 in Thun, Switzerland, the city of wrinkles. After his first job as a local journalist, he attended film school at the Zurich University of Arts. In 2019, he finished his studies with three short films and is now writing his first feature, Lügner.

David Oesch
Zurich University of the Arts
David Oesch
Ramón Königshausen
Janos Mijnssen
Elias Jutzet
Executive Producer
Filippo Bonacci
Line Producer
Antonia Durisch
Sound Editor
Gina Keller
Jeanne-Vera Bourguignon
2nd Assistant Camera
Hae-Sup Sin
Sound Engineer
Benoît Barraud
Food Stylist
Yannik Marc Breitenstein
US Distributor
Premium Films


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