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Common Ground

Virtual Arcade

World Premiere

UK | 30 MINUTES | English |


Documentary, Politics, Journalism
Explore the notorious Aylesbury Estate, concrete monument to the history and legacy of social housing in the UK, and home to a community affected by forces beyond their control.


Project Creator
Darren Emerson
Executive Producer
Ashley Cowan, Darren Emerson
Executive Producer (Main Credit)
Ashely Cowan, Darren Emerson
Production Company
East City Films/VR City
Unity Development
All Seeing Eye
Post Production Supervisor
Conan Roberts
Anthony Badu, Kevin Holland, Jean Bartlett, Judi Bos, John Boughton


Project Contact
Darren Emerson
East City Films
London, E1 6BJ
Press Contact
Amber McCollom Stafford
Tribeca Film Festival