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The Cocktail Party


World Premiere

SHORT | United States | 5 MINUTES | English |


Experimental, Action, Women, Comedy, Dance, Music, Art, Food

A cocktail party turns into an unexpected martial arts action film.

Playing in: Shorts: Straight Up With A Twist

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Directed by Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders is an Academy Awards®-nominated, Sundance, SXSW, and Cannes Award-winning director and producer of narrative and documentary films and commercials.

Jessica Sanders
Patricia Seely, Jessica Sanders
Jessica Sanders, Charlotte Taschen
Larkin Seiple
Monica Salazar
Pedro Bromfman, Carlos Lazzari, Brandon Coleman, Mia Doi Todd
Executive Producer
Mary Ta, Lisa Thai, Moise Emqiues, Tom Weissferdt, Catherine Finkenstaedt, Jeff Pechter, Bex Wilkenson, Issa Ababseh
US Distributor
Altina Films
Charlotte Taschen, Eugania Yuan, Jen Kuo Sung, Erica Krumpl, Brandon Coleman, Bijan Shaw, Robert Paul Taylor, Ali Yuman, Christian Howard, Katelyn Brooke, Kevin Lin, Dugan O'Neil


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