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Broken Night

Virtual Arcade

World Premiere

USA | 8 MINUTES | English |


Broken Night explores a woman's (Emily Mortimer) unreliable narrative of an intense trauma. Speaking to a detective, her confused memories unfold: returning home in the midst of a fight with her husband (Alessandro Nivola), they encounter an intruder. The viewer is chooses which memories to follow and shares her confusion before coming to a startling truth.

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Directed by Alon Benari, Tal Zubalsky, and Alex Vlack

Alex Vlack, writer of Broken Night, has experience writing, producing and directing films, and interactive projects. Vlack is VP of Creative at Eko. Alon Benari is an award-winning director and leads the creative team at Eko. His body of work ranges from television dramas to music videos. Tal Zubalsky is a Co-Founder of Eko, and was a founding partner of Lionite.
Project Creators
Alon Benari, Tal Zubalsky, Alex Vlack
Key Collaborators
Eko, Hidden Content, Realmotion, Irving Harvey
Jake Wasserman, Rose Seyfried, Kimberly Parker
Emily Mortimer, Alessandro Nivola, Josh Green, Michael Nathanson


Press Contact
Morgan Ressa
Amazon Studios
Culver City , CA 90232
Phone: 310 573 2896