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Bebylon Battle Royale

Virtual Arcade

World Premiere

USA | 3 MINUTES | English |


From the minds at Kite + Lightning, this comedic arena battle experience blends a satirical narrative with revolutionary head-to-head VR gaming. Set in a futuristic status-conscious society, players compete as crude, narcissistic, immortal babies seeking fame and fortune. Wielding weaponized status symbols such as gold-plated selfie sticks and big-fisted battle buggies, you can be the “beby” of your most shameless rock star fantasy.

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Directed by Ikrima Elhassan and Cory Strassburger

Visual artist Cory Strassburger is a two-time Emmy® and Cannes Gold Lion winner. His work has been featured in Minority Report, Star Trek, X-files, Deepspace 9. Strassburger founded Kite and Lightning together with Ikrima Elhassan, who has been critically acclaimed at Cannes and the Toronto Film Festival.
Cory Strassburger, Ikrima Elhassan (Kite & Lightning)
Project Creators
Cory Strassburger, Ikrima Elhassan
Jennifer Chavarria
Visual Effects
Alex Underhill
Giray Ozil
Computer Animated Cast


Project Contact
Ikrima Elhassan
Kite & Lightning
Santa Monica , 90402
Phone: 424-645-7462
Press Contact
Jennifer Chavarria
Kite and Lightning
Santa Monica, California 90402
Phone: 323 252 7282