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All Together
France | 96 MINUTES | French |


Five aging friends decide to move in together in Stéphane Robelin's crowd-pleasing comedy, starring Jane Fonda (in her first French-language film since Godard's 1972's Tout Va Bien), Geraldine Chaplin, and Claude Rich. Comfortably retired, they hire a handsome graduate student as a live-in caretaker and rediscover the joys of “communal” living -- but when old secrets and long-simmering jealousies emerge, discord among the group begins to grow.


What The Critics Are Saying


“Writer-director Stéphane Robelin treats aging with humor and grace...[and] the film's central performances reflect both its celebration of age and a sense of wistfulness.” – NPR


“You can’t help but get caught up in the shenanigans, and it’s mostly thanks to the film’s two luminous leading ladies. Chaplin is an impish delight with her take-no-guff attitudinizing, and the sequence in which she seductively defuses a fight with her brusque spouse is both hilarious and a moving depiction of twilight-years intimacy. Meanwhile, Fonda struts like a pure movie star through her first European role since Godard and Gorin’s Tout va bien.” – Time Out New York


Stéphane Robelin
Primary Cast
Jane Fonda, Guy Bedos, Daniel Brühl, Geraldine Chaplin, Claude Rich, Pierre Richard
Stéphane Robelin