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North American Premiere

Romania, Bulgaria | 106 MINUTES | Romanian | English subtitles


1835—a police officer and his son travel across the Romanian countryside in pursuit of a runaway gypsy slave. In their journey they encounter people of different religions and nationalities, each with their own prejudices and opinions on the state of the country. Beautifully shot in black-and-white, this road movie incorporates humor and the absurd to deliver a stunning tale. Alternating between action scenes and surreal dialogue, Radu Jude, one of the youngest new faces of Romanian cinema, delivers a Romanian Western that is more than a gripping look at the political and religious landscape of 19th century Eastern Europe. It approaches issues of slavery and racism in a way that resonates dangerously close to home. In the words of Radu Jude, “When we speak of the past, in fact we speak of our perspective of the past.”

—Frédéric Boyer


Directed by Radu Jude

Radu Jude graduated from the filmmaking department of Media University in 2003 and has directed a series of award-winning short films. His debut feature The Happiest Girl in the World screened at over 50 film festivals worldwide and won awards at Sundance and Berlinale. Aferim!, Jude's third feature, premiered in competition at Berlinale.
Radu Jude
Radu Jude, Florin Lazarescu
Ada Solomon
Cătălin Cristuțiu
Marius Panduru
Executive Producer
Valentino Rudolf, Ioana Drăghici
Klas Film (BG), Endorfilm (CZ), Mulberry Development (RO)
Teodor Corban, Mihai Comănoiu, Cuzin Toma, Alexandru Dabija, Alexandru Bindea, Mihaela Sirbu


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