A Discussion and World Premiere: Mirage Diner (Lauren Shippen, Dylan Marron)
World Premiere

A Discussion and World Premiere: Mirage Diner (Lauren Shippen, Dylan Marron)

Tribeca Audio Storytelling: Live Events
| United States | 90 MINUTES
Drama, LGBTQIA+, Science Fiction

Join us for the world premiere of this supernatural audio dramedy about a diner that travels through time and space in twentieth-century America.

This event will also feature Lauren Shippen and the cast in a conversation moderated by Welcome to Nightvale’s Dylan Marron. The series follows the workers of the diner and a revolving cast of patrons against the sonic backdrop of surrealist Americana and will be the first weekly fiction show from Atypical Artists.

*We ask that attendees bring masks to this event.

Cast & Credits
Project Creator
Lauren Shippen
Lauren Shippen, Atypical Artists
Lauren Shippen
Sound Design
Brandon Grugle
Lauren Shippen
Evan Cunningham
Lead Actors
Daisy Guevara, Dallas Hawthorn
Guest Actors
Josh Rubino, Julia Schifini, Andrew Nowak, Briggon Snow, Lauren Shippen

Lauren Shippen

Lauren Shippen

Lauren Shippen is a writer best known for her fiction podcast work. She was the creator of the popular audio drama The Bright Sessions. She went on to write and direct the #1 podcasts Bridgewater and Passenger List, the latter for which she received a BBC Award, Webby, and British Podcast Award. She wrote MARVELS, an audio adaptation of the popular comic and Surviving Hawkins, a Stranger Things podcast. She has written three novels with Tor Teen. Lauren was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media and one of Austin Film Festival’s 25 Screenwriters to Watch.

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