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7 Lives

Virtual Arcade

World Premiere

France, Luxembourg, Belgium | 25 MINUTES | English |


An afternoon in June. Tokyo. 5 p.m. A girl jumps in front of the subway. Her soul rises from the rails. On the platform, the witnesses of the scene are in shock. It revived a trauma in them, painful memories they never overcame...


Directed by Jan Kounen

Charles Ayats is an interactive designer. He created Type:Rider, SENS VR, and The Scream VR. Sabrina Calvo is a French transgender novelist, screenwriter, graphic artist, and game designer. Jan Kounen is a French filmmaker. His feature films include Dobermann, Blueberry: The Secret Experience, and 99 Francs.
Jan Kounen
Key Collaborator
Celine Tricart, Franck Weber, Marie Blondiaux, Adrien Oumhani
Project Creator
Charles Ayats, Sabrina Calvo, Jan Kounen
Marie Blondiaux, Adrien Oumhani (Red Corner), François Le Gall, Stéphane Hueber-Blies, Nicolas Blies, Mario Guth (A Bahn), Jean-Yves Roubin, Cassandre Warnauts (Frakas)
Charles Ayats, Sabrina Calvo
Charles Ayats, Sabrina Calvo
Hugues Espinasse
Post Production
Vincent Guttmann, Small Studio
Clara Choi, Mariko Aoyama, Hiro Uchiyama, Hiromi Asai, Jun Azuma, Karen Hamaya, Kentaro, Koyko Kashii, Mizuki Kondo, Nagisa Morimoto, Yongsou Cho


Project Contact
Marie Blondiaux
Red Corner
Paris, 75003
Phone: 6 77 88 91 74
Press Contact
Marie Blondiaux
Red Corner
Paris, 75003
Phone: 6 77 88 91 74