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Shorts: Moral Fibers

Short Program

Unknown Premiere



Decisions confront the characters in these narrative shorts. This plethora of predicaments deals with work, family, and friends, though not necessarily in that order.

Love in the Time of March Madness tells the animated and awkward true-life misadventure of being 6'4'' tall since 8th grade, becoming a basketball star, and dating shorter men. Free-spirited 21-year old Sheri has her own apartment, an older boyfriend, and works in a bar to make her living, but a surprise phone call brings her face to face with her past in Firstborn. As the class prepares for First Communion, one young girl refuses to do so, proclaiming that she's an “atheist,” in Ruby. Today's The Day is about an intern at one of the top dance agencies in town whose dream in life is to become a professional dancer, but he lacks the courage and confidence to fight for it...until today. Trapped in professional purgatory, four junior bankers must decide what they truly want before it’s too late in Parachute. A housewarming party spirals out of control when the host couple is sucked into a bout of light-hearted arm wrestling in Stew & Punch. A father in mourning struggles to connect with his blind daughter and learns that the colors of grief and understanding are more vivid when glimpsed through the eyes of the blind in Record.

Shorts Program Includes:
Love in the Time of March Madness
Today's The Day
Stew & Punch

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