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Shorts: Totally Twisted

Short Program

Unknown Premiere



Fun. Creepy. Weird. That pretty much sums up the feel of this program designed especially for our late-night loving audience. This program is a real killer, literally.

The 30 Year Old Bris is about an interfaith couple where the girlfriend demands her boyfriend complete his conversion to Judaism by getting a circumcision before they wed. Trust Me, I’m A Lifeguard is a bro-mantic comedy about two lifeguards who, when confronted with the end of summer, are forced to make adult decisions such as: What’s the meaning of life, what makes a good Speedo and are those clams safe to eat? Unable to deal with the pressures of an examined life, Todd and Tamara confront the Peepers who are watching them, and expose what they've been hiding all along—themselves. In Remora, on the day of his wedding, Kevin confronts his brother, Landon, to ask for permission to marry his ex-wife, but learns the circumstances surrounding the estrangement were far more fantastic than he had been led to believe. A professional killer discovers he can get away with anything on Halloween night, including dragging his latest victim around as a prop amidst a sea of oblivious London partiers in The Body. In One Please, a young girl’s Mommy and Daddy love her...very, very much. A man wakes up one morning to realize the entire world has dreamed about him the night before in Sequence.

Shorts Program Includes:
The 30 Year Old Bris
Trust Me, I'm A Lifeguard
The Body
One Please

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