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The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq

World Narrative Competition

North American Premiere

France | 97 MINUTES | French | English subtitles


When best-selling and famously reclusive novelist Michel Houllebecq disappeared during his book tour in 2011, the rumors that spread regarding his whereabouts ran the gamut from suicide to, as the title suggests, a kidnapping. So endless was the speculation that we now have a perfectly perplexing film about it. Partly based on real-life events and starring Houellebecq himself, this fascinating and, despite its ominous-sounding title, wildly funny film blurs the line between fiction and documentary. Whatever the real truth may be, what we do know is that director Guillaume Nicloux has created a highly entertaining and farcical piece of cinema that echoes the dry tone and tongue-in-cheek presentation of its unique and ever-unconventional subject.

-Frederic Boyer


Directed by Guillaume Nicloux

From experimental cinema (Les Enfants volants, La Vie crevée) to film noir triptych (Une affaire privée, Cette femme-là, La Clef), from comedy (Le Poulpe, Holiday) to political film (L’affaire Gordji), and drama (Faut pas rire du bonheur, la Reine des connes), Guillaume Nicloux explores different genres and weaves complex but inseparable links between each of his films.
Guillaume Nicloux
Guillaume Nicloux
Sylvie Pialat
Guy Lecorne
Christophe Offenstein
Executive Producer
Sylvie Pialat
Michel Houellebecq, Maria Bourjala, Luc Schwarz, Mathieu Nicourt, Maxime Lefrançois


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