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Goodbye to All That

World Narrative Competition

World Premiere

USA | 87 MINUTES | English |


Comedy, Relationships, NY Director(s), First Time Filmmaker
Otto Wall is just a little unlucky, in life and, unbeknownst to him, in love. When his wife suddenly asks for a divorce, he bounces between a Facebook-fueled search for answers, desperate attempts to reconnect with his daughter, and his fateful reentry into the dating pool. Let’s just say, you won’t forget Debbie Spangler’s name anytime soon.

Junebug screenwriter Angus MacLachlan returns to the verdant woods of North Carolina for this sharp and sensitive directorial debut. He finds an ideal straight man in Paul Schneider as a husband and father finding redemption in breaking loose from his mundane routine. The stellar comedic cast includes Melanie Lynskey, Heather Graham, Anna Camp, Amy Sedaris, and Celia Weston.

-Arthur Ryel-Lindsey


Directed by Angus MacLachlan

Angus MacLachlan lives in North Carolina. He wrote the short, Tater Tomater, as well as the feature, Junebug, both directed by Phil Morrison. He also wrote Stone, starring Robert De Niro, and most recently won the 2013 Best Screenplay Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival for Förtroligheten.
Angus MacLachlan
Angus MacLachlan
Mindy Goldberg, Anne Carey
Jennifer Lilly
Corey Walter
Executive Producer
Mark Clein, Ethan Leder, Angus MacLachlan
Summer Shelton
Production Designer
Chad Keith
Costume Designer
Kim Wilcox
Music Supervisor
Jenni Muldaur
Casting by
Mark Bennett
Paul Schneider, Anna Camp, Michael Chernus, Heather Graham, Ashley Hinshaw, Heather Lawless, Melanie Lynskey, Audrey Scott, Amy Sedaris, Celia Weston


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