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When The Song Dies

Shorts in Competition: Student

North American Premiere

Scotland | 15 MINUTES | English, Gaelic, Scots | English subtitles


Documentary, Music
In this poetic documentary, stories, songs and memories from across Scotland are woven together with the richly evocative landscape of the Machars peninsula in the southwest corner of the country. Contributions from well-known Scottish voices Norman Maclean, Sheila Stewart and Margaret Bennett provide access to a rich but dying world in this first film in a series seeking to engage a new generation in the strangeness, mysticism, poeticism and absurdist humor of Scottish folklore.

Screening in Shorts Program: Character Witness


Directed by Jamie Chambers

JAMIE CHAMBERS studied music at St. Mary's Music School and Oxford University. He is the artistic director of Transgressive North, a Scottish artistic community that in the past year has led various outreach and stand-alone arts projects with contributions from Irvine Welsh, Jarvis Cocker and Norman Maclean.
Jamie Chambers
James Barrett
Martin McEwan
John Craine
Sound Recordist
Anisha Fields
Sound Designer
Tom Hatcher
First Assistant Director
Robyn Pete
Dubbing Mixer
Jim Hoyland
Sheila Stewart, Norman Maclean, Margaret Bennett, Liz McAdam Laughland, Ernie McGuire, Mary McCormack


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