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Just a Sigh

World Narrative Competition

International Premiere

France | 104 MINUTES | English, French | English subtitles


In the short break between performances in Calais, stage actress Alix, played by the stunning Emmanuelle Devos (Desplechin’s Christmas Tale), makes a quick escape to Paris. On the train, she meets a mysterious English stranger. Drawn toward him, she follows him, loves him, for a few hours, before facing what could be a new life.

With masterful performances by Devos and her acclaimed co-star Gabriel Byrne, Just a Sigh is an imaginative and lushly filmed Parisian romance. Young and versatile director Jérôme Bonnell (Le Chignon d’Olga) tells a real-time story with a particular sense for detail. Reminiscent of François Truffaut’s The Woman Next Door, the film captures vivid insights of a burning love evolving between two characters, wonderfully brought together by Bonnell’s down-to-earth approach. Just a Sigh captures an irrational, sentimental encounter balanced between the extremes of elopement and routine, with breathtaking psychological intrigue.

—Frédéric Boyer


Directed by Jérôme Bonnell

JÉRÔME BONNELL launched his directorial career with the 1999 short Fidèle, followed by his award-winning debut feature, Le Chignon d'Olga. In 2005, his film Les yeux clairs won the Prix Jean Vigo. He collaborates with a growing roster of accomplished actors, including Nathalie Boutefeu, Florence Loiret-Caille, Marc Citti, Judith Rémy and Jean-Pierre Darroussin.
Jérôme Bonnell
Jérôme Bonnell
Edouard Weil
Julie Dupre
Pascal Lagriffoul
Executive Producer
Edouard Weil
Scope Pictures (Belgium), Element Pictures (Ireland)
Emmanuelle Devos, Gabriel Byrne


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