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William Vincent

World Premiere

USA | 108 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Crime

Jay Anania sculpts a quiet and powerful tale about a man who finds himself living in the in-between. William Vincent—played by the talented James Franco, whose performance saturates the screen—coolly embraces his second chance at life by spending his days eating alone in restaurants and editing nature videos in a small storefront apartment in lower Manhattan. He relishes in living on the fringe, unnoticed and in the obscurity of the everyday, stepping out on occasion to pickpocket a bourgeois businessman or defend a poor waitress. The concrete landscape provides perfect camouflage as he walks the path to becoming a reluctant criminal. But when William meets Anne (the radiant Julianne Nicholson), he is forced to emerge from the shadows.

Anania's rhythmic pacing and delicate yet haunting score generate a disquieting tone that is echoed in the cast's strong performances. Beautifully shot, the New York cityscape provides an enthralling backdrop as Anania unravels a dark and genuine love story explored with nuance and subtlety.


Directed by Jay Anania and Jay Anania

Jay Anania was born in Washington, DC and raised in Japan. He has spent the last three decades making experimental shorts, independent features, and broadcast documentaries, including Long Time Since, The Citizen, The Girl Under the Waves, Her Name Is Carla, and Day on Fire. He is the head of directing at NYU's graduate film school.
Primary Cast
James Franco, Julianne Nicholson, Martin Donovan, Josh Lucas, Vince Jolivette, Zoe Lister-Jones
Jay Anania
Vince Jollivette, Piers Richardson, Sophia Lin
John Medeski
Jay Anania
Director of Photography
Danny Vecchione


Technical Contact
Pete Cairns
Piers Richardson
Rabbit Bandini
Los Angeles, 90046
Phone: 310 437 9102