Lucky Life
World Premiere

Lucky Life

| USA | 97 MINUTES | English

Every year, Jason, Alex, and newly married Mark and Karen leave New York for a North Carolina beach house to reconnect and relax. But this year is different: Jason has been diagnosed with an aggressive terminal cancer, repurposing their trip as a meaningful—yet uncertain—farewell. Sharing laughter and camaraderie in even the most quotidian activities, the friends struggle to conceal their grief and use their disillusionment as an affirmative force. Some time later, as Mark and Karen prepare for the birth of their first child, memories of Jason seep into their new phase of life.

Inspired by the poetry of Gerald Stern, a onetime poet laureate from New Jersey, Lee Isaac Chung's follow-up to the acclaimed Munyurangabo is a sharply observed, soft-spoken rumination on companionship, memory, life, and loss. Steeping the film in woeful hues leavened in baths of light, through wide angels and even archival footage, cinematographers Jenny Lund and Koji Otsuka poignantly capture the ephemeral quality of a moment in progress, and the life that happens in between.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Isaac Chung
Lee Isaac Chung grew up on a small farm in rural Arkansas. He attended Yale University to study biology but dropped his plans for medical school to pursue filmmaking. His first feature, Munyurangabo, screened at Cannes and Berlin and won the Grand Jury Prize at AFI Fest.
Samuel Gray Anderson
Original Poetry
Gerald Stern
Primary Cast
Daniel O'Keefe, Megan McKenna, Kenyon Adams, Richard Harvell
Bryan Senti
Lee Isaac Chung, Samuel Gray Anderson
Director of Photography
Jenny Lund, Koji Otsuka
Lee Isaac Chung
Lee Isaac Chung

Press Contact
Samuel Anderson
Almond Tree Films, LLC
New York, NY 11372
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Eric Schnedecker
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U Media
Montreuil S/bois, f-93100
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Sales Company
Clément Duboin
UMedia - Urban Media International
Montreuil, 93100
Phone: + 33 1 4870 7318
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