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International Premiere

U.K., Nigeria | 95 MINUTES | English |



When a military effort to tackle a British-born Ukrainian arms dealer ends catastrophically, Black Ops soldier Malcolm Gray lands in a military hospital to overcome the torture he was subjected to. After nearly a year, Gray returns to Brooklyn and moves into a rundown apartment to reflect on the inconsistencies of the botched assignment. But Gray soon gets caught up in another impossible mission: to expose the corruption of a high-powered senator on the verge of announcing his presidential campaign. …A senator who also happens to be his brother.

A riveting performance from Idris Elba (Obsessed, The Wire) fuels this bold and ambitious political thriller, hinged on Gray's crumbling and claustrophobic mental state. Rife with tension and suspense, Legacy—emerging talent Thomas Ikimi's follow-up to his highly acclaimed low-budget pic Limbo (2004)—is a powerful chamber drama fortified with impressive cinematography and sound design that bring to vivid life a constricting web of conspiracy.


Directed by Thomas Ikimi

Thomas Ikimi attended primary school in Nigeria, prep school in England, and college at Columbia University in New York. He produced, wrote, and directed his feature debut, Limbo, for $9,000 while a sophomore in college. Legacy is his first feature film as a professional.
Thomas Ikimi, Kieran Parker, Arabella Page-Croft
Primary Cast
Idris Elba, Eamonn Walker, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Clarke Peters, Richard Brake, Julian Wadham
Jonathan Harvey
Thomas Ikimi
Executive Producer
Idris Elba
Thomas Ikimi


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