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Into the Cold


World Premiere

USA | 86 MINUTES | English |


Sports, Documentary

The absolute top of the earth is a place few try to reach on foot. Even fewer succeed. With the vast arctic ice vanishing rapidly, photographer and environmental advocate Sebastian Copeland sets out with fellow extreme adventurer Keith Heger to reach the North Pole. Their journey is timed to mark the centennial of Robert Peary and Matthew Henson accomplishing the same remarkable feat. "There won't be a bicentennial," Copeland warns. Climate change, he says, is thinning the winter ice that covers the Arctic Ocean, threatening all the life around it.

This inspiring documentary follows Copeland and Heger's incredible two-month trek—not just through deadly cold and merciless terrain, but straight into the depths of the soul. We watch as they endure grueling preparations, but the real power of Into the Cold comes when the duo sets off on the ice. The quality of sound and cinematography puts us right there with them on the 47-below landscape. Snow groans under their 200-pound sledges. Their breath is heavy. Ice rubble spreads out forever in all directions like a giant frozen crumble cake. "What type of man are you to think that you will succeed at this?" Copeland asks himself.


Directed by Sebastian Copeland

Sebastian Copeland is an award-winning photographer, author, and environmental activist who has addressed audiences at the United Nations on the issue of climate change. He is a graduate of UCLA's film school and a board member of Global Green.
Didier Lockwood
Sebastian Copeland
Sebastian Copeland
Director of Photography
Sebastian Copeland
Matthew Booth
Primary Cast
Sebastian Copeland, Keith Heger
Assistant Editor, Graphics
Matthew Dean
Sebastian Copeland
Executive Directors
Mikhail Lapushner, Aber Whitcomb


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