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The Temptation of Victoria

North American Premiere

USA, France | 7 MINUTES | English |


Filmmaker Michael Shamberg, who directed a number of seminal music videos for New Order during their heyday, here revisits a classic New Order song with the help of singer Victoria Bergsman of Swedish band The Concretes. The story is elegantly simple: A woman goes record shopping, comes home, puts her new purchase on the turntable, and starts dancing to it. Titled The Temptation of Victoria, Shamberg's video did not make it on to New Order's official video retrospective DVD, making it a true rarity.


Directed by Steven Lippman and Michael Shamberg

Michael Shamberg originally started out as a music video producer, collaborating with such major talent as Jonathan Demme, Katherine Bigelow, New Order, Robert Longo, The B-52's, R.E.M., and William Wegman. During the '90s, he produced Beth B's feature Salvation! (1998) and Robert Frank and Patti Smith's Summer Cannibals (1996). His debut feature Souvenir (1998), which starred Kristin Scott Thomas and featured the voice of Christina Ricci, premiered at Edinburgh and then went on to play at a number of other festivals. Before becoming involved in film, Shamberg studied sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and he is currently on the faculty at Bennington College. At present, he is working on Enigmatic, a feature documentary on Joy Division. The Temptation of Victoria is one of two videos that New Order commissioned him to direct in 2005. It is dedicated to the memory of Michael Powell.