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Planet B-Boy

World Premiere

USA | 95 MINUTES | English, Japanese, French, Korean |


Documentary, Music

If your only idea of breakdancing comes from 1980's movies like Breakin', its follow up Electric Boogaloo or Flashdance, then get ready to be amazed with its evolution in the dynamic Planet B-Boy. Born in the South Bronx as a key part of hiphop culture, "breakdancing" was originally known as "b-boying." Director Benson Lee makes his foray into documentaries by giving b-boying-which went underground after its heyday as a fad-its due respect. Though still rooted in the old skool style, today b-boying has morphed into an astounding dance form, b-boys and b-girls can be found across the globe, from China to the Czech Republic, and they all come together at the annual Battle of the Year in Germany: the "World Cup of b-boying." Lee follows crews from South Korea, Japan, France and the U.S. as they qualify and prepare for their ultimate battle. Like the World Cup, the Battle represents more than just a competition. For b-boys, it's a way of life. Whether they consider themselves artists, athletes or both, the event is a way for each crew to represent its country, and to prove themselves creatively and physically, all the while showing that b-boying crosses linguistic, racial, socio-economic and national borders. Lee insightfully blends personal stories from each crew with stunning rehearsal footage highlighting their individual style and strengths. The preparations culminate in an exhilarating face-off. The palpable energy of each crew makes it clear that it was worth every minute of sacrifice to fuel their passion.