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Taking 5

World Premiere

USA | 87 MINUTES | English |


Comedy, Music
This upbeat story features the crazy escapades of two teen-idol worshippers, Gabby (Daniella Monet) and Devon (Alona Tal). These best friends are also the ultimate fans of mega-boy band 5 Leo Rise (played by real band The Click Five). When they botch their high school's chance to win a free concert, the desperate pair cooks up a juicy plan. Ages 8+ T4TEENS


Directed by Andrew Waller

Taking 5 is ANDREW WALLER's feature film directorial debut. After graduating from the USC School of Cinema & Television, his thesis short film Candy Paint was featured at the HBO Comedy Festival. Prior to film school, Andrew was a former producer at Good Morning America, where he traveled the country producing the Faces segments of the show.