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Dear Lemon Lima,

World Premiere

USA | 10 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Female Director(s)
A lonely girl with a vivid imagination struggles to plant seeds of love after her narcissistic sweetheart breaks her heart. But a chance meeting with "angel-headed dorks" Hercules and Nothing enables her to overcome her heartbreak on a serendipitous summer day. Dear Lemon Lima thrives on the notion that life is a time to celebrate our common traits and differences and inspire kindness and equality in others.


Directed by Suzi Yoonessi

SUZI YOONESSI received the Jerome Foundation's NYC Media Arts Grant for Vern (2004), which she wrote, directed and produced. She associate-produced the award-winning Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005) and coproduced Miranda July's Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody (2005), which screened in the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. Yoonessi received her BFA from San Francisco Art Institute, and her MFA from Columbia University where she received the FMI Directing Fellowship.