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World Premiere

Germany, Netherlands | 97 MINUTES | German, Dutch |


Drama, Female Director(s)

The lives of three women inextricably cross paths one Christmas Eve in this drama that explores the lives of three lost souls. Francesca (Esther Zimmerling) is a young woman who drives a taxi and takes care of her father and younger sister Antonietta (Kim Schnitzer) since their mother abandoned them many years earlier. When Antonietta runs away to Rotterdam to follow her musician boyfriend, Francesca must find her and bring her home. On the way she discovers a woman, Gerlinde (Hannelore Elsner), passed out in her car after a crash. After unsuccessfully trying to deliver this troubled stranger to the hospital, Francesca finds herself with two lives to save: Gerlinde and Antoinetta. As they make their way towards Rotterdam, the story unfolds from the perspective of all three women: Francesca as the tough-as-nails caretaker, Gerlinde as the heartbroken older woman and Antonietta as the careless teenager. But as the film proceeds, it becomes clear that each is not who she seems to be, and less and less clear which woman is saving the others. During this fateful journey, they learn about each other, themselves and what it means to be alive. Writer-director Angelina Maccarone, known for film festival hits such as Everything Will Be Fine and Unveiled, delicately brings the characters' stories together and uses the Christmas setting almost as another character.