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Chasing 3000

World Premiere

USA | 98 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Sports
Moving across the country is hard for any teenager. It's even harder when it's 1972, your hometown team is the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Roberto Clemente is about to make his 3000th hit. So high school jock Mickey (Trevor Morgan) and his brainy little brother Roger (Rory Culkin) decide to drive from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh on a learner's permit to go to the game. There's just one problem: Roger has muscular dystrophy. Undaunted, the boys throw Roger's wheelchair in the trunk and set off for The Burgh, Three Rivers Stadium, and their beloved Slovakian grandfather (Seymour Cassel). As recounted by Ray Liotta as the adult Mickey, the simple plan is soon waylaid by a thuggish short-order cook (Kevin Gage). On a subsequent detour through the South - with their mother (Lauren Holly) on their tail - the boys are helped along by a train-hopping runaway (Tania Raymonde), a motorcycle gang leader (Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde), an eccentric farmer (M. Emmet Walsh), and a hip emergency room doctor (Ricardo Chavira). Based on the true story of co-screenwriter Bill Mikita's cross-country trip with his brother to that record-setting September 30 game against the New York Mets, this script eschews easy sentimentality for the clear-eyed acceptance of life with a disabled sibling. Suffused with both brotherly love and the love of the game, Chasing 3000 is an affectionate road movie with enough twists and turns to keep the ball in play until the final inning.