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Cough Drop

World Premiere

USA | 15 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Female Director(s)
Ten-year-old Kate is confused by her parents: dad is self-absorbed and indifferent while mom is loving and controlling. One day after school a strange man invites Kate to take a ride with him. Encouraged by his kind attention and easy manner, and intrigued by the excitement of doing something her parents don't know about, Kate decides to make her first break from Mom and Dad's guidance and protection.


Directed by Kristina Lear

KRISTINA LEAR was born and raised in Vermont, and is a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. In 2006, Lear was one of eight women admitted into the prestigious AFI's Directing Workshop for Women with her first screenplay, Cough Drop. Kristina continues to work as an actress in theater, film and television.