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Winter Solstice

World Premiere

USA | 90 MINUTES | English |


Writer/director Josh Sternfeld's feature debut Winter Solstice offers a unique perspective on the family drama, using compelling storytelling and masterful performances to evoke the raw emotional dynamics of a suburban family dealing with a tragic loss. Jim Winters is a widower raising two teenage sons, Gabe and Pete. Since the death of his mother, Gabe has taken over in helping raise his younger brother. Suffocating under the responsibility of raising Pete, working in a factory, his demanding father, and difficulties with his girlfriend, Gabe decides to leave. Pete, on the other hand, doesn't take things that seriously and is slacking off in school although he shows true potential to succeed. Jim struggles to deal with the changing course of his family, trying to connect with his sons while moving on with his own life - with the help of new neighbor, Molly. The multi-layered relationships that exist in Winter Solstice truthfully capture the heart of familial bonds, anchored by an adept performance by Anthony LaPaglia as Jim. His scenes with both his sons, brilliantly portrayed by up-and-coming actors Aaron Stanford (Gabe) and Mark Webber (Pete), deftly convey the subtlety that Sternfeld's script was meant to evoke. With an equally remarkable supporting cast including Alison Janney as Molly and Ron Livingston as Pete's teacher, Winter Solstice is a moving portrait of a family working through the challenge of loss.