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Brooklyn Bound

World Premiere

USA | 97 MINUTES | English |


Set against the projects of East New York, Brooklyn Bound is a challenging urban story that shows with gritty candor the lives of struggling youths and families trying to survive in their space. Sean is a young man caught between the reality of his surroundings and his desire to ultimately do good. He is at once a drug dealer, a son supporting his schizophrenic mother, and a man trying to be a role model to his younger brother. With his father deceased, Sean tries to assist his family, which still lives in the projects where he grew up, while placating his live-in girlfriend, who wants him to stop dealing and settle down. As Sean tries to take two steps forward, those around him keep stepping back -- his younger brother and his friends start dealing, a friend needs help with a huge debt, and his girlfriend leaves him after a fight. It seems Sean helps everyone but himself, forcing him to make painful decisions about his situation, as well as regain his foothold in his own life. Writer-director Rich Devaney's feature debut is a powerful, hard-edged coming-of-age story. Based on the true events of cowriter and star Thomas Guiffre, the film portrays family drama and friendships in a raw, revealing profile. The strong supporting cast and location only add to the realistic tone of the narrative as it escalates to an intense finale.