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House of D

World Premiere

USA | 95 MINUTES | English |


In his feature directorial debut, David Duchovny masterfully recreates the experience of being a teenager in the 1960s. Tommy is a New York City prep school student with the usual teenage male pre-occupations: winning acceptance from his peers, understanding the opposite sex, bending the system to fit his needs, and trying to humiliate his French teacher. He also has a good friend in Pappas, the simple-minded custodian at his high school (played with characteristic flair by Robin Williams). Tommy's efforts to protect Pappas stir up trouble, however, and lead to serious repercussions with his mother (Téa Leoni), his school, and his friends. He also encounters a mysterious woman he calls "Lady," who sets him on the path to manhood. Much of the film is told in flashback, with Duchovny himself appearing as the adult Tommy. Music plays an important role here, as beloved tunes from the '60s accompany Tommy on his exploits in New York City. The story of a boy, on the cusp of being a man, forced to make manly choices, House of D is often funny, but always touching.