World Premiere


| USA | 88 MINUTES | English
2BPerfectlyHonest is a quirky comedy that revels in showing how New York can reward eager entrepreneurs -- or squash them. Writer-director Randel Cole adds an existential twist to the world of commerce and pipe dreams with his insightful feature debut. Frank (Adam Trese), a straight-shooter businessman and bachelor, owns an ad agency with his neo-hippie partner Josh (Andrew McCarthy). After the agency folds, Frank is forced to move to his parents' house in the suburbs and Josh must face the reality of doing the unthinkable -- getting a real job. Frank leaves the house each day to maintain the lie that he still has a job, but he really hangs out with his Zen master friend Sal (John Turturro), who owns the local chess store. As they play chess, Sal gives Frank life advice, including telling him to see his psychic she-wizard friend Emily. Frank soon comes up with a new business idea, WebBoards, and convinces a reluctant Josh to join him. The two find funding with a sewage investor trying to branch out and business booms, but Josh has reservations about their investors and both he and Frank must come to a moral decision about their futures. Told via Josh as a bedtime tale for his son, the mix of flashback, narration, real and unreal storytelling, provides a fresh narrative complement to this smart and inspiring film.


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