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The Tulse Luper Suitcases Trilogy

Unknown Premiere

386 MINUTES | (Unknown) |


Subtitled "A Life History in 16 Episodes," Peter Greenaway's massive multimedia trilogy about a life collected in 92 suitcases, the contents of which are revealed over the course of three separate films, is a Borgesian picaresque, an alternative history of World War II (92 being the number of uranium in the perodic table of elements), a return to Greenaway's structuralist roots, and a radical rethinking of filmmaking practice in the light of new technology. Greenaway's alter ego Tulse Luper, a polymath, storyteller, and obsessive list-maker, first introduced to movie audiences in The Falls (which had 92 parts), encounters 92 characters, identifies the 92 objects that represent the world, and is revealed to have made many of Greenaway's films. Screens split, the script scrolls, and as in A TV Dante, talking heads pop up in little boxes, authorities on the Life of Luper.