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Terkel in Trouble

International Premiere

Denmark | 78 MINUTES | Danish |


If you enjoy the crass fun of South Park, then this Danish animated 3D film is for you. Terkel in Trouble remembers what it's like to be an awkward 6th grade boy -- and makes it even more awkward. It's a strange life for young Terkel. Fat Dorit has a crush on him, his best friend is the school's cool kid, and bullies are around every corner. Terkel's life takes an unfortunate turn when pot-smoking Uncle Steward beats up the bullies, leaving Terkel at a crossroads: have possible heinous acts of revenge inflicted upon him, or join in on teasing Fat Dorit. Which does he choose? Teasing Fat Dorit, of course. Dorit responds by jumping out the window, ending up a massive bloody pulp. It earns Terkel friendship with a bully, but at the expense of his real best friend, the cool kid. Another crisis hits when Terkel starts getting gruesome death threats, possibly from a serial killer who is on the loose. Everything comes to a suspenseful and zany climax on the school camping trip, chaperoned by a strange animal-loving substitute teacher. This madness comes from the mind of Danish comic Anders "Anden" Matthesen, who also voices all of the wacky and likable, yet foulmouthed characters. Did we mention the playful, foot-stomping musical numbers, from a go-go pole dance to Terkel's white gangsta slam? Sure to enthrall, thrill, and offend, Terkel in Trouble is "the Psycho Family Film of the Year."