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The Aviatrix

Shorts in Competition: Student

New York Premiere

USA | 10 MINUTES | English |



Anne is lonely. She lives with her mother, has no friends, and is fighting cancer. Her escape from reality exists in the form of The Aviatrix, an intergalactic superhero alter ego who rockets through space to fight the powers of evil on distant planets. Anne’s fantasy world is her only way of experiencing the adventure and romance that remain painfully absent from her life—until Miles shows up.


Directed by Toddy Burton

Toddy Burton lives in Austin, Texas, where she works as a teacher and a writer. She has been making films since the mid-’80s, when her parents bought a VHS camcorder. She studied film at Brown University and NYU and earned her MFA in film and video production from the University of Texas in Austin. The Aviatrix is Toddy’s masters thesis.

Lucas Martell
Director of Photography
Nathanael Vorce
Toddy Burton
Art Director
Sam Avila
Graham Davidson
Principal Cast
Jessica Robertson, Nicholas Yedinak, Barbara Chisholm, Garry Peters, Hannah Morgan
Austen Menges