Angels Die in the Soil
North American Premiere

Angels Die in the Soil

Shorts in Competition: Narrative
| Iran | 30 MINUTES | Kurdish

An Iraqi-Kurdish girl earns a living for her ill father by selling the bones of Iranian soldiers martyred during the Iran-Iraq war. One day she stumbles on a terrorist incident involving an American soldier on her way back home, and she decides to try to help him.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Babak Amini

Babak Amini (b. 1978, Iranian Kurdistan) went to school in Tehran and graduated with a philosophy degree. He worked for 10 years assisting director Bahman Ghobadi on A Time for Drunken Horses, Turtles Can Fly, and Half Moon.

Mahsoomeh Shahazari
Principal Cast
Donya Ghobadi, Pedram Seyfuri
Director of Photography
Meisam Riahl
Sound Recorder
Vahid Hajilooi
Babak Amini
Babak Amini
Shahram Alimohammadi


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