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Good Boy

Shorts in Competition: Student

World Premiere

USA, Brazil | 12 MINUTES | Portuguese |



In the favela of Rio de Janeiro, a young boy helps his mother scrape a living together-though exactly how he earns money is something he must keep secret from her. But his latest job leaves him with a troubling choice, and it will deeply change who he is and how his mother feels about him.


Directed by Davyde Wachell

Davyde Wachell (b. 1981) is a Vancouverite. His films include the 2004 tour DVD Mae Shi - Lock the Skull Load the Gun, the 2005 shorts Sunday Driver and Teen Video, and the 2006 shorts Question Period and Interior Design.

Casting Director
Joana Costa
Vinicius Alexandrino
Principal Cast
Wallace Coutinho, Marilia Coelho, Jaqueline Macóeh, Diego Ferreira, Juan Lima, Lauro Albuquerque
Directors of Photography
Rodrigo Graciosa, Andre Lavaquial
Art Director
Andrea Meireles
Assistant Director
Pablo Nery French
Vinicius Alexandrino