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The Perfect Day

Unknown Premiere

Mexico | 12 MINUTES | Spanish |


A black comedy about a man whose plan to end his life in a blaze of glory goes strangely awry. Sergio has dreamed all his life about having a tragic death and sharing it with someone he loved. But he was never very lucky with women. And just before the great moment, Sergio is interrupted by a phone call that takes him away from his goal. Born in Mexico City.


Directed by Bernardo Loyola

Bernardo Loyola moved to Queretaro, where he earned a degree in Media and Communication. In recent years, he has lived in Queretaro, the Netherlands, Singapore, and New York, studying and working as a freelance graphic designer, animator, and editor. In May 2004 he finished a Master’s Degree in filmmaking in New York, where he studied on a Fulbright Scholarship. He directed two other short films, Malaire (2000) and Savior (2003), before making The Perfect Day (2004). He also worked on Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.