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The Offshore Reserves

New York Premiere

Russia | 15 MINUTES | English, Russian |


Comedy, Animation
American Hannah Marker is addicted to the American dollar. Desperate for a cure, she moves to Moscow, where she hopes to never see American dollars again. Her plan is going well until her Russian boyfriend begins to get her involved with corruption, bribes, the Russian mafia, and…American dollars. Hannah's addiction reemerges, and her journey through Moscow's underworld takes a bizarre turn when she crashes her car and emerges from the wreckage believing she is a Russian peasant. What's more, she now speaks fluent Russian...


Directed by Jamie Bradshaw, Ishai Setton, and Alexander Doulerain

Nashville-native Jamie Bradshaw received a degree in philosophy from Vassar and studied film at the Yaroslavl Instutute for Film and Theater, as well as with Russian animator Vladimir Kobrin. He has produced, written, and directed several short films and edited a number of Russian features. Born in Grozny, Russia, Alexander Doulerain was educated at the Moscow Studio of Individual Directing and the New York Film Academy. Doulerain has produced and directed numerous short films, and in 2002 he shot the feature Ivan the Idiot.