While We Were Here
World Premiere

While We Were Here

World Narrative Competition
| USA | 83 MINUTES | English
Drama, Female Director(s), Relationships
In this tightly crafted relationship drama, Jane (Kate Bosworth) and her husband Leonard (Iddo Goldberg) travel to Naples—where Leonard is playing viola with the local orchestra—hoping to reinvigorate their silently disintegrating marriage and escape a personal tragedy that hangs heavily between them. Jane, left alone most days, wanders the streets listening to tapes she made of interviews with her grandmother, seeking inspiration to finish a book based on the old recordings. Facing writer's block, she takes a day trip to stunning Ischia, where she meets Caleb (Jamie Blackley), a young American leading a hermetic yet Dionysian life on the island. As the two embark on an unlikely emotional affair, Jane's carefully constructed world begins to crack open and she faces drastic changes in her life.

Writer/director Kat Coiro draws out brilliant performances from her cast: The tension between Bosworth and Goldberg smacks of an all-too-common reality and Blackley's carefree romanticism is a pitch-perfect antidote. Although it's a thoroughly modern film, the black-and-white imagery (an homage to the greats of Italian cinema) evokes reveries from another era and imbues the film with a rich sense of both nostalgia and honesty.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Kat Coiro and Kat Coiro
Kat Coiro was born in Manhattan and studied directing at the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia. She has worked as an actress and the head of development at Bold Films. She has directed a number of shorts and the feature L!fe Happens. She is in post on the feature A Case of You, starring Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood, and Vince Vaughn.
Mateo Messina
Executive Producer
Terry Dougas, Paris Kasidokostas Latsis
Director of Photography
Doug Chamberlain
Associate Producer
Sammi Cohen
Lauren Bratman, Kat Coiro
Kat Coiro
Adam Catino
Primary Cast
Kate Bosworth, Claire Bloom, Iddo Goldberg, Jamie Blackley

Technical Contact
Lauren Bratman
2434 Earl St. Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone: 917 604 2268
Press Contact
Elizabeth Kushel
Strategy PR
Director's Agent
Rich Cook
WME Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Boulevard, 3rd Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: 310 246 3167
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