World Premiere


Shorts in Competition: Student
| USA | 11 MINUTES | English
Growing up in Los Angeles, the Fourth of July was always about fireworks. Against the holiday backdrop in South L.A., Fireworks is a coming-of-age story of two adolescent boys on a quest to impress a group of girls and their growing bond.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Victor Hugo Duran
Victor Hugo Duran was born in Mexico and raised Los Angeles, where he received his BA in film and television from UCLA. He is currently an MFA candidate at Columbia University. Fireworks is his most ambitious project to date.
Executive Producer
Patricia Matthews-Juarez, Paul Juarez, Carmen Duran, Victor Duran
Director of Photography
John Wakayama Carey
Primary Cast
Roger Cruz, Alberto Castañeda, Irene Sorto, Azucena Benitez, Edgar Vanegas, Julio Durand
Victor Hugo Duran
Kevin James McMullin
Victor Hugo Duran, Kevin James McMullin
Associate Producer
Hannah Janal

Sales Contact
Victor Hugo Duran
29 Orient Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 310 919 7085
Sales Agent
Hannah Janal
Phone: 917 727 4736


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