World Premiere


Shorts in Competition: Narrative
| USA | 16 MINUTES | English
A man, struggling with inner turmoil, begins his daily commute waiting for a bus that is rated one of the city's worst. In an attempt to befriend a fellow commuter, who is at times quite cryptic, his patience and sanity are tested. Bearing witness to the beginnings of this uneasy friendship, a woman sits quietly at the bus stop content with her book, discreetly eavesdropping.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Michael Buscemi and Michael Buscemi
Michael Buscemi, a Brooklyn-based actor and writer, began performing in the Lower East Side before gentrification. Recent work includes his recurring role as God in Nurse Jackie and on CBS as the Scraggly Santa on Yes, Virginia.
Executive Producer
Starr Films, LTD
Primary Cast
Michael Buscemi, Francesco Saviano, Gail Ward, Marika Hacking, Pat King
Michael Buscemi
Director of Photography
Chapin Hall
Francesco Saviano
Michael Buscemi
Angelique Letizia, Chapin Hall, Joe Capozzi, Francesco Saviano

Sales Agent
Francesco Saviano
Phone: 917 907 4422


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