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My Radio

New York Premiere

Mexico | 8 MINUTES | Spanish |


My Radio starts with a little girl and a box of colored chalk. Four lines and a couple of circles later, her imaginary radio is finished. She then tunes in to a fantastic radio station that exists only in her mind, and we are allowed us glimpse into her inner world and the beings that populate it. This charming film, buoyed along by the carefree humor of its little star, is a celebration of the unique fantasy worlds that children so effortlessly create.


Directed by Frazer Pennebaker and Mariana Miranda

Mariana Miranda studied at the National School of Contemporary Dance and earned a Visual Arts degree from the University of Mexico. She has performed in Women=Spoon, part of an exhibition at the National School of Visual Arts and coproduced the video art work 100% Artefixial. In 2000 she was invited to the New York Move Festival to show her video art work.