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Shorts: Journeys Across Cultural Landscapes

Short Film Program

World Premiere

(none) | 84 MINUTES | Various |


Spanning creative journeys across four continents, the assembled filmmakers invoke diverse cultural landscapes, suggesting a collective struggle of humanity between apocalyptic visions of the past, present, and future, and the redemptive power of the human spirit. Cinematic techniques comprising found footage imagery, historic audio recordings, still photography, animation, collage, Super 8mm (celluloid) filmmaking, and digital cinematography comprise the rich visual and audio landscapes of these films, all made by talented artists, ranging from emerging student voices to experienced filmmakers returning to TFF. Films include An Incomplete History of the Travelogue, 1925, Scenes From a Visit to Japan, The Valley, Sinews of Peace, Barcelona, Democratic Locations, Abyss of Man's Conscience (ReconoceR), Inquire Within, and All the Lines Flow Out.


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Directed by Charles Lim Yi Yong