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Nowhere Kids

Shorts in Competition: Narrative

New York Premiere

USA | 18 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Crime
Eléonore Hendricks (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, The Pleasure of Being Robbed) is Georgia, a teen runaway on the road, searching for her biological mom. She hits a detour when she meets a group of crust-punk street kids on their way to the Mesa, a mysterious place where "rules don't exist." Out of options, Georgia must choose between her fragile family bonds and an escape to the unknown.

Note: This film will screen as part of the Shorts: Truth or Consequences program.


Directed by Eric Juhola and Eric Juhola

Eric Juhola most recently produced the Sundance Channel documentary and Gotham Award nominee Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa. A graduate of NYU's film program, Eric wrote and directed the short film Size Matters and is currently developing Nowhere Kids into a feature film.
Eric Juhola, Jeremy Stulberg, Lindsay Goldwert
Director of Photography
Reed Dawson Morano
Eric Juhola
Jeremy Stulberg
Christopher Libertino
Production Designer
Randy Stulberg
Primary Cast
Eléonore Hendricks, Evan Louison, Naomi Madsen, Rich Williamson, Donnie Mastro, Cheryl Johnston
Eric Juhola, Jeremy Stulberg, Randy Stulberg


Print Source
Jeremy Stulberg
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Phone: 212 673 0873