New York Premiere


Shorts in Competition: Narrative
| Italy | 18 MINUTES | Italian
Female Director(s)
In a small village by the sea on the coast of Lazio, 12-year-old Adriana spends the summer with her sister Francesca. Involved by her sister in a strange game, the little girl starts an ambiguous relationship with a boy younger than her, Tommaso, who's the image of the innocence that Adriana is about to lose.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Stella di Tocco
Stella di Tocco (b. 1973, Rome, Italy) earned a degree in political science before studying film at the Madrid Film School. Her short films include Passo a due (2006), Segui la mia voce (2008), and Era un giorno di pioggia, which were broadcast on Italian National TV. Her film Le Bambine di Palmi is in post-production.
Stella di Tocco
Enrique Esteve
Director of Photography
Piero Basso
Mirko Guerra
Julia Mattei
1st Assistant Director
Mario Raoli
Primary Cast
Michela Chiarello, Stefano Bottone, Serena Iansiti, Francesco Siciliano
Line Producer
Marco Milani
Stella di Tocco

Director's Agent
Francesca Boschiero
Via Guidubaldo del Monte 61 Rome, 00197
Phone: +39 06 80692065
Print Source
Stella di Tocco
associazione depp
Via Nino Oxilia 21 Roma, 00197
Main Contact
Marco Raoli
Viale Marconi 19 Rome, 00146

Note: This film will screen as part of the Shorts: Truth or Consequences program.


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