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A Matter of Size


World Premiere

Israel | 92 MINUTES | Hebrew |


Drama, Comedy, Sports
Herzl (Itzik Cohen) is an overweight, underemployed chef living at home with his mother in the Israeli city of Ramla. Unable to find a job cooking, he becomes a dishwasher at a Japanese restaurant. One day he notices his coworkers watching sumo wrestling on TV. To Herzl, sumo is a revelation, an escape from the dictatorship of diets espoused by his weight-loss group. With three hefty pals in tow, Herzl decides to pursue the sport where his size is an asset.

Codirectors Erez Tadmor (Strangers, TFF '08) and Sharon Maymon (who also cowrote the script) have created a feel-good comedy reminiscent of crowd-pleasers like The Full Monty. The result is a sweet, touching, funny, and relatable story of self-acceptance and determination. Utilizing a talented and versatile group of actors, Tadmor, Maymon, and cowriter Danny Cohen-Solal give us a collection of extremely likable characters who realize that in both life and love, they'll only discover their greatest happiness by paying attention to what's inside and to the power of their individual spirits.


Directed by Sharon Maymon, Erez Tadmor, Erez Tadmor, and Sharon Maymon

Erez Tadmor graduated from Camera Obscura Film School in Tel Aviv. His first short, Moosh, won more than 40 international film festival awards. His shorts Strangers and Offside (both made with Guy Nattiv) won prizes at Sundance and the Manhattan International Short Film Festival, respectively. His first feature, Strangers (with Guy Nattiv) screened at the Festival in 2008.

Sharon Maymon also graduated from Camera Obscura in Tel Aviv. During his studies he directed the award-winning shorts Holes and Mortgage, which won the award for best drama at the Jerusalem Film Festival. In 2005 he wrote for the Israeli television comedy series Sketch Show.
Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Tami Leon, Daniel Bauer, Oliver Simon
Antoine de Clermont-Torrenne
Director of Photography
David Gurfinkel
Erez Tadmor, Sharon Maymon
Sharon Maymon, Danny Cohen-Solal
Einat Glaser-Zarhin
Primary Cast
Itzik Cohen, Irit Kaplan, Dvir Benedek, Alon Dahan, Levana Finkelstein, Togo Igawa