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The Good Guy


World Premiere

USA | 90 MINUTES | English |


There may be fewer of them now, but we've all seen the Wall Street guys that seem to have it all: looks, charm, and easy money. Tommy (Scott Porter) is one of them. He's a rising star at his financial firm, and his budding romance with Beth (Alexis Bledel) could be the one. Then Tommy decides to take the new guy, Daniel (Bryan Greenberg), under his wing. Daniel—a quiet, stay-at-home, Banana Republic-wearing sort of guy—isn't exactly what you would call "Wall Street material," but Tommy sets out to teach him the ways of money and seduction. But as they each continue along their upward trajectories, their high-flying business lives complicate their personal lives, and money can't always fix everything.

Writer/director Julio DePietro takes an inside look at the culture of Wall Street and what it takes to be "good" in this story of friendship, love, and identity. The heart of the film lies in the relationships of his characters, fully realized by the talented cast. Porter is perfect as Tommy, playing him as aggressive yet somewhat insecure. Greenberg plays Daniel as an innocent fish out of water with a slight mystery to him, and Bledel rounds out the ensemble as the internally conflicted Beth.


Directed by Julio DePietro and Julio DePietro

Julio DePietro was born in Nigeria to Peace Corps volunteer parents. He lived in Mexico City before his family settled in Ann Arbor. After studying political philosophy at Harvard University, he took a job at an investment firm in Chicago to help pay off student loans, and resigned six years ago to focus on writing and film. He executive produced Manda Bala, which won the documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2007, and Disgrace, which starred John Malkovich and took the International Critics Prize at Toronto. The Good Guy is his writing and directing debut. He now lives in New York City and loves it.
Julio DePietro
Ray Hubley
Julio DePietro, Linda Moran, Rene Bastian
Production Designer
Tomasso Ortino
Director of Photography
Seamus Tierney
Julio DePietro
Primary Cast
Scott Porter, Alexis Bledel, Bryan Greenberg, Andrew McCarthy, Aaron Yoo, Anna Chlumsky


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Phone: 212 807 0108
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Belladonna Productions
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