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3 Wheels

Shorts in Competition: Student

World Premiere

China, Taiwan R.O.C. | 17 MINUTES | Mandarin, English |



When rickshaw driver Huang learns that the woman he secretly admires is leaving tropical Hainan Island on the last boat out, he must race to the harbor before love sets sail without him. But impeding his quest is an oversexed American whom Huang must chauffeur around for the entire day. Throughout their day's journey, two polar-opposite men discover that they may have more in common than they ever imagined.

Note: This film will screen as part of the Shorts: Means to an End program.


Directed by Tony Wei

Tony Wei (b. 1979, Taiwan) will receive his MFA in film from Columbia University in May. His short The Best Men is on a DVD compilation distributed by Strand Releasing, and 3 Wheels is the recipient of the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund and ASCAP Grant.

Primary Cast
Chung-Heng Chu, Cary Woodworth, Jia-Le Yan, Mao-Shin Chiang
Production Designer
Triple Edwards
Aaron Kovalchik
Chung Lee
Music Composer
Julian Cassia
Chung Lee, Mao-Shin Chiang
Tony Wei


Press Contact
Tony Wei
3 West 108th Street, Apt. 19 New York, NY 10025