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Gefilte Fish

Shorts in Competition: Student

North American Premiere

Israel | 10 MINUTES | Hebrew |


Female Director(s), Comedy
Gali's family has a long-lasting tradition whereby every woman who is engaged to be married has to prepare gefilte fish for the wedding party. Gali, who is engaged to Yaron, has received a living carp from her mother and grandmother, but the poor creature seems human in her eyes, practically begging for its life. Gali is torn between the pity she feels towards the fish and the need to abide by her family tradition.

Note: This film will screen as part of the Shorts: Wake-up Call program.


Directed by Shelly Kling-Yosef

Shelly Kling-Yosef (b. Tel Aviv) grew up in Haifa, graduated from the Rambert Dance Company school in London, and spent the next decade as a principal dancer in major Israeli dance companies. In 2006 she graduated from the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School in Jerusalem. She wrote and directed the short World's Prettiest in 2004.
Original Music
Gershon Weiserfirer
Rony Gammer
Lilach Gavish
Shelly Kling-Yosef
Shelly Kling-Yosef
Director of Photography
Merav Lewin
Primary Cast
Orit Gal, Ishai Golan, Estie Kosowitzky, Garmein Unikowsky, Alex Ansky
Hila Eizenberg, Rene Mor


Print Source
Shelly Kling-Yosef
11 Megido St Tel Aviv,