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Section 44

Shorts in Competition: Narrative

New York Premiere

U.K. | 5 MINUTES | English |



Richard walks out of his house and his world is turned upside down as he is stopped in the street, handcuffed, hooded, and thrown in a van. Under the spotlight of the interrogation lamp, what will he give up to spare himself?


Directed by Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson quit blowing the horn for Count Basie at the tender age of six to become a professional liar. This resulted in more than 10 years of employment in television, working as a cameraman on lots of "trash for cash" productions. Prior films include Daddy's Little Helper, Bitter Coffee, and various pop promos and virals.

Daniel Wilson
Mike Jones
Camera Operator
Pier Hausemer
Daniel Wilson
Executive Producer
Jonathan Carter-Meggs
Art Director
Jules Sobczynski
Primary Cast
Damien Lyne, Barry Jackson, Philip Philmar, Cameron Leigh
Director of Photography
Glen Warrillow


Print Source
Daniel Wilson
Hot Tail Films
Phone: +44 7976 601 186