The Confession
New York Premiere

The Confession

Shorts in Competition: Narrative
| Ireland | 4 MINUTES | English
Drama, Comedy

In 1970s Ireland, Johnny Smith, a seemingly innocent local boy, goes to church to confess his sins to the all-powerful town priest. With his friend standing by he nervously enters the confession box and begins a strange conversation with the priest, who seems more interested in gossiping about the nocturnal habits of the local women than granting him absolution from his sins. But everything is not as it seems.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Thomas Hefferon
Thomas Hefferon has shot four short films in the past four years. The Confession was accepted into 30 film festivals, including Palm Springs and San Francisco. Thomas has also been awarded state funding through the Filmbase award scheme for his next short film, The Pool.
Director of Photography
Andrew Edger
Kevin de la Isla, Thomas Hefferon
Javier Arbeloa, Philip Grier
Primary Cast
Donncha Crowley, Sean Flanagan, Stephen Morris
Jill McKay & Ann Broderick
Costume Design
Natalie Conaty
Thomas Hefferon
Thomas Hefferon
Thomas Hefferon


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